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Wedding Planning Services

Full Wedding Planning

Congratulations, you're engaged and excited about planning the wedding of your dreams...but where do you start? You have some ideas of what you'd like your day to look like but you're extremely busy and don't have the time to start finding a venue, sourcing suppliers and juggling all of the demands of planning a wedding. 

You'd prefer to work with an experienced professional who can make your wedding planning experience fun, taking the stress away and leaving you to enjoy the run up to your big day. 

This service starts right at the beginning of your journey before you’ve planned anything and ends with you going on honeymoon.

I will be with you every step of the way. There will be no need for you to worry about research, supplier sourcing, budgeting, admin, timelines or the big day itself; I will be there to provide you with my personal advice and expertise, helping you to make decisions and ensuring everything flows smoothly - making the whole experience much more exciting for you!


10 -15% of your overall wedding budget with a minimum fee of £3000.

A bespoke quotation and proposal will be provided after an initial complimentary consultation.

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Partial Planning

You may have already planned some aspects of your wedding but you now feel that you are at a stage where you would like a professional on board to help you with any remaining elements.

The final few months of wedding planning can be the most stressful...everything needs to come together, deadlines are looming and logistics need to be finalised. You don't have the time to spend juggling everything and you now want to hand the reigns over to someone else.

You can contact me at any point in the run up to your wedding. After an initial consultation I will be able to see what has been planned so far and then help you with any outstanding elements. I can recommend and source any additional suppliers you may require, negotiating the best prices possible and arranging and attending any necessary meetings. I will also liaise with the suppliers you have already booked to finalise the logistics of the day. 

I will, of course, be there on the day itself from beginning to end, to ensure that everything runs smoothly, leaving you to celebrate with your family and friends!



​Prices for this service vary depending on the amount of work required. Minimum fees apply.
A bespoke quotation and proposal will be provided after an initial complimentary consultation.

On The Day Co-ordination 

You have everything planned and ready to go but you feel that you would like a professional there on the day to ensure that everything runs smoothly - after all, you want a glass of champagne in your hand, not a running order, and you definitely don't want to deal with having to tell everyone where to park, unload etc! 

With this service, I will meet with you 6-8 weeks ahead of your wedding day to go through all of the details including timings, venue set ups, design & decor, floral arrangements, catering and any additional suppliers. I will then produce a full running order which will be shared with your suppliers, ensuring that they are aware of all of the organisational elements which you won't need to worry about.

On the day itself I will be the main point of contact for everyone, allowing you to get ready with your wedding party in style! I will ensure that your suppliers are where they should be, ironing out any last minute hiccups. I will be present from beginning to end and can also be on site the day before the wedding if you are using a dry hire venue which allows early access. 

This service is ideal for venues who do not have staff overseeing the day, such as farm, barn and marquee weddings. You can book with me as far in advance as you wish - you simply hand everything over to me in the final weeks, allowing you to enjoy the run up to your big day. 


​Prices start from £1000. 

A bespoke quotation and proposal will be provided after an initial cimplimentary consultation.

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